The Colorful Sights of Coral Reefs

Coral Reef

For tourists who prefer to witness life underwater, coral reefs provide such an exhilarating experience. Coral reefs are made from the formation of corals, or marine animals that have distinct similarities with anemones and jellyfish. These coral reefs are regarded as the rainforest of the oceans, since they are vital to the existence of the marine ecosystems. Corals are mostly found on clear, clean water, as this is vital to their health.

For the plain tourist, however, coral reefs are a sight to behold, a wonderful formation of various sizes and hues that speaks well of the rich life underwater.  The island paradise of Mauritius, nestled just under the continent of Africa, hosts some of the world's most breath-taking coral reefs. These coral reefs have become primary reasons why the tourism sector in Mauritius is one of the most vibrant and dynamic in this side of the world.

Mauritius lies in an area where coral reef formations are greatly distributed. Along with other island-nations in the Pacific, Mauritius has some of the world’s largest formations of coral reefs. These are even made more prominent and attractive by the beautiful lagoons and coastlines.

In this island, coral reefs are located in various areas and breaks. Large breaks can be located on the coasts of Souillac and Le Bouchon. In between these breaks, white sand beaches attract visitors to frolic, swim in and enjoy the warm, pristine waters of the Indian Ocean.

Tourists in Mauritius often prioritize a voyage underwater upon arriving in the island. They pay a good fortune to witness the breath taking coral reefs and experience the mystical beauty under these waters. There are many groups that organize snorkeling and scuba diving tours in the country, offering their services to individuals who want a close-up look at the famed coral reefs of the Indian Ocean.

Other tourists, meanwhile, opt for other alternatives such as renting a glass-bottom vessel that allows them to witness the coral reefs under water. This is highly recommended to families or group of friends who aren't comfortable swimming or diving. Others meanwhile go for air-conditioned submarines who take visitors underwater. This option suits well for visitors who are willing to pay a good fortune to experience the sights of Mauritius' marine life. It is also recommended for individuals who are not physically fit enough to go through scuba diving or snorkeling. This could cost more than other options, but submarines give enough security and comfort for those who are willing to pay for this experience.

The overwhelming number of tourists who flock the islands to see coral reefs has unfortunately led to the overexploitation of these natural resources. Coral breeching has been rampant in the past few years, raising concerns from various sectors in the country. Fortunately, there have been a number of groups who have bonded together to raise awareness on coral reef protection. Among these is the Mauritius Marine Conservation Group which is working doubly hard to protect the coral reefs against breeching. Tourists are also being advised to follow certain guidelines that aim to protect the coral reefs against exploitation.

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