Mauritius Wedding & Honeymoon

MauritiusThere is no other moment in a coupleís life that is sweeter and memorable than the wedding. Of course, it will be followed by a very romantic honeymoon afterwards. It takes a lot of preparation to make these two occasions perfect. These are the moments that can be called "once in a lifetime". Many couples prefer to have a wedding that is traditional and common. But there are also those who wanted to have a matrimonial ceremony which is different from the others. Say your vows and spend your honeymoon in one of the most romantic and intimate places on Earth. Create a Garden of Eden of your own and have a memorable experience in Mauritius.

Mauritius is considered by many travel magazines to be the one of the three top destinations when it comes to wedding and honeymoon. However, the price to pay can be very expensive, especially if you wish to have a very grand celebration. But that would not stop many couples from spending their most cherished moment in the paradisiacal place such as Mauritius. Because of this, many hotels are now catering wedding and honeymoon packages at a cheaper price. There are also hotels that will create a custom-made matrimonial ceremony to those travelers who have a limited amount of budget for their wedding.

Because of the diversity in tourism that Mauritius offers to its visitors, you can also choose the place where you can get married. Aside from the hotel where you are staying in, you may also tie the knot with your special someone on a yacht. This is very common to the couples who wish to be intimate and invites only a few guests or no guest at all. Aside from the yacht, there are also couples exchanging rings for the wedding while diving under the clear waters of Mauritius. You can have any type wedding here in this island. Of course, the same goes for your honeymoon. Choose from a wide variety of offers given by numerous hotels. You can spend your honeymoon at a hotel having the wonderful beach view as the backdrop or in an intimate area in the island where there are no other people than the both of you.

However, you canít instantly have a wedding at Mauritius. If you want to be married in this island, you must submit several valid documents. This includes an application form to be completed by the groom and bride to be if you are not a local resident of the island. Your passports are also essential as well as passport-sized photos of the couples. You must submit all of these requirements few days before your wedding so that you can proceed to your honeymoon with no hassle at all. Your hotel will surely welcome you in honeymoon with glasses of champagne as they congratulate the both of you.

There are also some hotels including photographers that would take pictures of your wedding and romantic moments during the honeymoon. There is no other place in the world to spend an intimate wedding and honeymoon than in Mauritius.

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