One of the more overlooked yet modestly attractive spots in Mauritius is the district of Moka, located in the central plateau of the island-country. Moka is one of the two non-coastal districts in the island, apart from Plaines Wilhems. It has a relatively small population of not more than 80,000, and is largely an agriculture-based district.

The climate in this district is not different from those in the central plateau of the island. Daytime temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius on the average. Summer can go anytime from November until March while winter is typically from June to September.

Moka can be reached by bus or taxi from Port Louis or Curepipe. It is nestled between the two mentioned districts. While the Moka district isnít particularly noted for its tourist attractions like much of the other districts in Mauritius, there are still a handful of must-see destinations in Moka. Also, since the district is blessed with the rough but lush mountains of the Moka range and picturesque waterfalls, visitors will find Moka a good place to take pictures.

Moka is known as Mauritiusí University town since it houses several good schools and colleges. Among them is the famous college of Mahathma Gandhi Institute. This is internationally-renowned school for young children from grade 6 to high school. The national government of India contributed significantly to the construction of the said school, which is noted for promoting and preserving Indian-Mauritian culture. Today, the school is one of the premiere and biggest schools in the island. The campus is situated in a beautiful valley.

One of the more noted tourist attractions in Moka is Le Reduit, or the Refuge. This is an old governorís mansion located about a kilometer north of Moka. Visitors can get a glimpse of the history of the district from visiting the said mansion. There is a large garden sitting on the 200-acre property, and a waterfall as well. However, the mansion is open only in selected dates of the year so it is advisable that visitors plan their itinerary accordingly.

Then thereís the equally beautiful Eureka House, located at the southern portion of Moka. This structure boasts of several bedrooms and intricate design that speaks loudly of the colonial past of the district. It also offers a breathtaking view of the valley, plus antique maps and colonial-style showers. History buffs will surely appreciate the grandeur and legacy of the Eureka House.

A visit in Moka district also entails dropping by Domaine Les Pailles, which is about 10 minutes away from the business district. Here, visitors can experience riding horse-drawn carriages and train rides. They can also go nature tripping with its herb garden and a natural spring.

Moka is definitely a nature loverís destination what with its rugged terrains and beautiful natural resources. Its rich history also casts a spell on visitors. While it is not the most frequently visited district in Mauritius, Moka is a definite must-see for tired souls wanting to take a respite from the hectic, urban lifestyle.

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