Mauritius Popular Cities

Excitement and pleasure await every tourist who set foot in the island paradise of Mauritius. The country is blessed with breathtaking white sand beaches, rich marine life, and lush greeneries that make it one of the most popular destinations this side of the world. Mauritius is also dotted with progressive, popular cities that offer a good sampling of urban living.

Why visit these cities? Simple- going to these popular cities is a major part of anyone’s Mauritian itinerary because more often than not, they offer the best in accommodations and services. Top hotels and resorts are usually found in popular cities in Mauritius. Other services such as banking and medical care are also adequately provided in these popular cities.

One of the more popular cities in the country is Port Louis, which also happens to be the capital of Mauritius. As the premier city in the country, Port Louis offers a great variety of attractions and activities that can excite even the most exhausted of travelers. There are classy bars and trendy restaurants that line up the streets of Port Louis and serve the best servings of Mauritian and Asian cuisine. World class hotels are all over town, giving the best accommodations and services. Museums, race courses and old houses dot the city outskirts, giving visitors a good impression of the historic past of the city. Across town is a rich coastline that provides a wide range of activities such as windsurfing, boating, undersea walking, and boating. And being the seat of government, most of the embassies and consulates hold office here in Port Louis.

Another of the more popular cities in Mauritius is Curepipe, a progressive area that is located around 30 kilometers from Port Louis. According to history, Curepipe was considered by French colonizers as the town that reminded them most about their home country, especially with its temperate climate. In fact, one of the villages here is named Nouville France, which literally translates to New France.

Curepipe may not be the largest city in Mauritius but it definitely has a lot of things to offer to the casual visitor. It is a melting pot of various cultures, which is a testament to the excitement and diversity of the city. Curepipe is also known as a health resort for its wide array of establishments offering various health care services. Across Curepipe are must-see destinations such as the municipal gardens, and old colonial buildings. There is also a dormant volcano at Trou aux Cerfs, just a few kilometers outside of Curepipe. Just a few miles away from Curepipe is another eco tourism destination, the Tamarind Falls.

Curepipe, being one of the more popular cities in the country, also has its share of good, classy hotels and resorts. There’s the Hotel Continental which dominates the row of shops and commercial establishments in the city. It has become a favorite destination for foreign visitors because of its homey appeal and quiet atmosphere. Around town are scores of tourist services offering minibus tours of the countryside, particularly trips south to Souillac and Rose Hill.

Speaking of Rose Hill, this is also one of the most popular cities in Mauritius. Rose Hill or Beau-Bassin is a busy commercial district with a large residential area. Here, houses are magnificently designed and maintained. The area is also populated with huge, landscaped gardens that bring a relaxed atmosphere. Rose Hill is also an acclaimed shopping district. Many designer shops are located in Rose Hill. There is also an Arab Town which is famous for selling affordable goods.

There are also a lot of food specialties to enjoy in Rose Hill. There’s Dhol Puri, a tasty Mauritian bread spiced up with tomato sauce, lentils, and pickles. There’s Camarons or fresh prawns spiced up by hot sauce. Indeed, Rose Hill packs a lot of surprises for every tourist to enjoy!

Quatre Bornes, meanwhile is referred to as the town of flowers. It lies about 20 kilometers south of Port Louis, situated in the southwest part of the country. Many flowers and plants bloom in the surrounds of this city, providing a fresh and cool spectacle. There are also other attractions such as a colorful and vibrant market where some of the best Mauritian goods are on sale. This market is open on Thursdays and Saturdays. Tourists are also advised to visit the town during the start of the year. Around January to February, Quatre Bornes celebrates the festival called Cadavee. The festival is an annual celebration that pays homage to Mauritian-Indian culture.

Phoenix, meanwhile, is also among the popular cities in Mauritius. It boasts of a cool climate, making it a good choice for residential homes and agriculture based industries. Phoenix has a large plantation dedicated to the propagation of sugar cane and vegetables. The city can be easily reached through land from anywhere in the country.

The number of commercial establishments and industrial zones has also increased in the past few years, proof of the development it has enjoyed in recent past. There are a handful of multinational companies that have established their ties in the city. Phoenix also has its share of commercial establishments such as shopping centers, sports centers, museums, and restaurants.

Situated beside Phoenix is Vacoas, which is the fifth most populous in the country. It is located between Curepipe and Quartre Bornes. Vacoas has a promenade called Père Laval which is such a lovely place. Originally conceived as a walking trail, Père Laval has become a popular spot for residents who play football. Others also troop here for picnics and similar gatherings.

In the central district of Vacoas lie the bus station and a number of old shops. Also located here is a reputable all-girls’ college, the Dr Maurice Curé SSS. The rest of Vacoas is primarily residential, although there are other spots for joggers, football enthusiasts, and athletes.

So, the moment you go to Mauritius, don’t forget to make a stop in any of these popular cities. It’s a guarantee that your experience in the island will be more enjoyable and complete when you do so.

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